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Our multipurpose tool

The Unimat Combi 08-275 was developed for the immediate repair of track geometry faults. In addition to the universal tamping unit, the machine is fitted with ploughing and sweeping units as well as equipment to record the track geometry. It is suited for highly universal application in tracks and turnouts.

The Italian Railway will receive an entire series of these multipurpose machines. In 2010, the first Unimat Combi 08-275 was supplied to Rete Ferroviaria Italiana (RFI) in Bologna. By 2018, thirteen Unimat Combi 08-275 will have been supplied. Identical technologies contribute significantly to meeting maintenance quality standards. Similar to many railway administrations, Italy uses identical maintenance machines in their local areas of responsibility.

16,000th Machine

The official handover of one of these series machines will take place at iaf 2017 in Münster. This machine also represents a special “milestone” for us: it is the 16,000th machine to leave our factory in Linz and demonstrates once again our productivity and high level of manufacturing quality. Top-level representatives of RFI and Plassser & Theurer will present this special machine. 

Spot Maintenance

The entire high-speed line network of the Italian railway administration RFI covers approx. 1,000 km. When choosing the right series machine, particular attention was paid to its versatile application to enable tracks and turnouts to be maintained with short notice. The “multipurpose tool” Unimat Combi 08-275 combines the following technologies: tamping machine for plain track and turnouts, integrated ballast plough and sweeper brush, complete inertial track geometry measuring system.

The machines will be put into operation at all permanent way districts, where they will be used for spot fault elimination on both high-speed and conventional lines. A measuring vehicle detects spot faults in advance. The GPS assisted inertial track geometry measuring system of the Unimat Combi 08-275 detects track faults quickly and precisely. Following the correction of the fault – i.e. tamping, ploughing and sweeping – control measurements are carried out. This results in an optimised utilisation of the machine’s capacity. The Unimat Combi 08-275 can also be used as a track recording car. The software supplied with the machine analyses the measuring data in accordance with the current RFI guidelines.

Three times a week, about 1,000 m of track and one or two turnouts are tamped, profiled and swept during night-time operation of four to five hours.  

Advantages of the E³ hybrid drive concept

  • Lower energy and logistics costs
  • Reduced pollutant emissions
  • Fossil fuel savings
  • Reduced noise emissions 
  • Expanded fields of application (in urban areas and during the night)

The machines supplied so far support RFI optimally and, with their multifunctional equipment, demonstrate their strengths in a wide field of application. As a technology supplier, we will continue to ensure utmost reliability, working quality and safety.

Klaus Vetter
Managing Director of Plasser Italiana, commenting the good collaboration with RFI

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