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P&T Connected

Turning data into actions

The PlasserDatamatic remote diagnosis system supplies a multitude of machine data. P&T Connected analyses these data and creates the basis for condition-based maintenance, reaching a whole new level.

P&T Connected is the latest subsidiary established by Plasser & Theurer. It works in the field of big data and digitisation. Its current team consists of six members of staff only. However, this is about to change, given the service portfolio. Recently developed, it creates entirely new opportunities for operators of track maintenance and construction machines. These new opportunities refer to the switch from maintenance at intervals to condition-based maintenance. This will not only enable major cost savings in maintenance, but also increases the machines’ availability. 

Dynamic complete package 

For years, Plasser & Theurer machines have been optionally equipped with the remote diagnosis system PlasserDatamatic. Depending on the machine model, the machine can be retrofitted with the system as an upgrade. PlasserDatamatic allows the live monitoring of important data on the GPS position, working direction, engine, filling levels and hydraulic pressures. This makes it possible to access the current status of entire machine fleets from the office, living up to condition-based monitoring. The data is stored to enable later access. 

Now, P&T Connected will further develop the entire system. In future, machine-­related maintenance apps will be available. An additional focus is placed on analysing the machine data to turn them into specific recommendations for the machine operator. 


Condition-based maintenance 

One of many opportunities created is to renew wearing parts when it is the most economically viable. This decision is based on data collected by sensors. They indicate how long wearing parts will continue to work flawlessly. What’s in it for the operator? This makes it possible to identify early on when certain parts will have to be exchanged. However, the information collected may also show that a wearing part can be used much longer than usual – and that there is no need to exchange it. Compared to the past, such decisions can be made on the basis of reliable data.

This method can also be applied to the entire maintenance of a machine. For this purpose, operators can individually choose on which aspects particular importance should be placed. P&T Connected provides data analy­ses and, on this basis, recommends further actions. The decision ultimately remains with the customer.

Further information

In addition to maintenance, the analysis of machine data benefits many other areas, ranging from improved reporting to contractors to the efficient operation of the machines.   

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