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APT 1500 RL live: iaf crowd puller

The live demonstrations of the APT 1500 RL flash-butt welding machine inform about the benefits of a technique producing a clean weld of certified quality in mobile operation.

The best connection

When numerous iaf visitors on the Münster outdoor exhibition grounds gather around a road-rail lorry fitted with special equipment, you can rest assured that something gripping is about to happen. The demonstrations of the APT welding robot never fail to impress. The APT 1500 RL is a flash-butt welding machine in road-rail design. Very much in demand, this machine is a real crowd puller. In the live demonstrations, experts show how the robot grasps the two roughly aligned rail profiles, clamps them hydraulically, exactly aligns them with each other and welds them fully electrically without using additional material. The result: the best connection. A generator mounted on the machine supplies the required energy. Thus, the machine is fully self-sufficient. 

Operated in ten countries

However, the APT is far more than a trade show highlight. Supplied to ten countries already, the machine has proven its efficiency in daily operation. By now, the first machine has already performed more than 10,000 welds, all of which were carried out accurately and documented properly. The APT produces welds in certified quality. The upset metal is trimmed off automatically, leaving a clean weld. This reduces the preparation and follow-up work to a minimum. The burn-off caused at the rail ends is minimal, ranging between 20 to 40 mm depending on the rail material and type. The so-called “Low Consumption Welding” or “Smart Welding” with reduced burn-off is one of many advantages of this technology. Optionally available, another advantage is that closure welding does not require additional devices. The welding robot is also available in a container mounted on a freight wagon or as system integrated in a rail vehicle. Another version has been particularly adapted to the operation on metro lines.    

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