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Sound-insulated Split Head technology

Series machines allow savings and increase efficiency. These benefits are also taken advantage of in Japan. At iaf 2017, the seventh 09-2X/SH from a series of ten identical machines will be handed over to JR Tokai.

The continuous action 2-sleeper tamping machine is based on the 09-2X/SD. Put on show at iaf 2013, the machine has been operated by the Japanese track maintenance contractor NKH on the JR Tokai network. The design of the new series is based on this machine. Only the tamping units vary in design. The ten new machines are to be supplied to JR Tokai between 2015 and 2018.

Split Head solution for guard rails

JR Tokai (Central Japan Railway Company/JR Central) connects Kyoto and Nagoya with the Greater Tokyo Area. It operates the only Shinkansen line featuring 100 % of ballasted track. On many track sections along the line, guard rails (1,435 mm track gauge) have been installed to protect the trains from derailing (e.g. in case of earthquakes).

Tamping units in Split Head design are particularly suited for tamping works on tracks with guard rails: two units each split in longitudinal direction – laterally displaceable with two displacement frames per unit. This allows the distance between the tine rows to be adjusted precisely to the tack situation.

The 09-2X/SH is one of the largest tamping machines in service on Japanese tracks. It stands out from more than 600 tamping machines we have supplied to Japan up to now. The machine frame of the successful, large, continuous action 09-3X machine was adapted to suit the low permissible axle loads of no more than 14 t, in compliance with a complex bridge calculation of JR Tokai. 

In Japan, noise protection is of utmost importance. Noise protection measures have to fulfil strict criteria. The 09-2X/SH continuous action track tamping machine is equipped with lateral sound protection panels at the tamping units and a sound-insulated engine compartment. Combined with further sound insulating features, noise emitted during work is reduced considerably.  

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