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09-3X Tamping Express – proven and popular all around the world

Unrivalled for 20 years

More than twenty years have passed since Plasser & Theurer introduced the first machine with continuous action 3-sleeper tamping technology: the 09-3X Tamping Express. It has been a huge success and it holds the record: More than 300 machines have been delivered by now. A vast array of variations is available.

Unrivalled for 20 years – this is the 09-3X Tamping Express. The continuous action 3-sleeper levelling, lifting, lining and tamping machine has become synonymous with top quality track tamping throughout the world. Since 1996, Plasser & Theurer has delivered more than 300 machines of this type. The wide spectrum of equipment details allows the machine to be operated on all continents. 

The users choose the trailer they need: social area, workshop cabin, material wagon with or without dynamic track stabiliser – the options are unlimited. This versatility combined with the powerful 3-sleeper tamping technology for fast, continuous action work have made the Tamping Express unrivalled throughout the world. In tracks with irregular sleeper spacings, the machine can also be operated in 1-sleeper mode. 

Design and digital innovations

Despite the large quantities of machines supplied, the 09-3X has constantly been further developed. On show at iaf 2017, the Tamping Express of H.F. Wiebe, a company based in North Germany, proves this. Some of the innovations may not be visible at first glance, such as the automatic sleeper detection system on the machine on exhibition.

The 09-3X Tamping Express for continuous action 3-sleeper tamping on show at iaf 2017 is one of these highly successful machines. It offers a wide range of equipment and is in demand around the world.

The characteristic satellite for 3-sleeper tamping is supported on a bogie. For more running stability of the entire machine, the wheel diameter of the bogie’s two wheelsets has been increased. As a result, the machine handles twist on problematic tracks more easily and the risk of derailments is reduced. A slight addition to the overall length has made this possible. Low in maintenance and durable, LED headlights at the ends of the unit are the new standard. 

Known from the tamping machine series, Plasser Intelligent Control (P-IC) is now also used to control the tried and tested tamping technology of the 09-3X. 

Multipurpose trailer in enclosed design

The integrated trailer in enclosed design houses a workshop, the fuel tank and the cabin for transfer travel.   

Advantages of the 09-3X Tamping Express

  • 30 to 40 % increases in output compared to continuous action 2-sleeper tamping machines
  • Flexible operation in 1-sleeper or 3-sleeper mode
  • Cost-efficient maintenance also in short track possessions