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The track maintenance machine 2020

Industrial design offers added value that is not to be underestimated.

Redefined ergonomic design on tamping machines: The SmartALC is the central control element in the front cabin.

The new machine design enables us to meet future standards and regulations regarding operational safety and staff protection. “Design follows function” is the approach shaping the design of our track maintenance machines. The new cabin proves this: Ensuring ergonomic machine operation, the innovations comprise control and assistance systems, at first invisible to visitors, such as the new input and output interfaces SmartALC, P-IC and more. In addition, the machines are fitted with new drives. These features make track maintenance machines fit for a new era.

Timeless design as well as economic benefits were crucial to the further development of the machine image under the “design to cost” approach.

Latest LED lighting technology illuminates the cabin’s surroundings. In addition to this, the detail equipment includes pneumatic windscreen wipers with rain sensors. 

Automatic turnout tamping 

The module PlasserSmartTamping – The Assistant put on show at iaf is the first assistant for turnout maintenance. The result is exciting. 

All the operator has to do is confirm the tamping suggestions made by the assistance system. In portrait view, a screen shows an overview of the turnout, while the assistant shows the current position and gives a tamping suggestion. Suggestions are made on the positioning of the tamping unit and the lifting and lining unit, the lifting devices to be used (lifting hooks or roller lifting devices), and the additional lift of the third rail. The work unit position is predefined either in turning position, tine position or opening width (thrust flaps) or it is defined laterally to the track, guiding the work units along the through track or the diverging track according to the tamping plan.

This reduces the risk of serious operating mistakes significantly, even though there is always the back-up level of manual inter­action. To enable tamping machine operators to cope with all situations in future, PMC Rail International Academy, established in 2017, offers training courses using a tamping simulator for tracks and turnouts.  

Inside, the cabin provides an unprecedented working environment.

Inner qualities

Inside, the cabin provides an unprecedented working environment. Known from InnoTrans, the new SmartALC with its 21.5 inch touch screen harmoniously blends into the new front cabin as the central control element. The operator has a full overview of the working area, enabling a farsighted check of the immediate machine surroundings. The SmartALC informs about the working section and displays the exact machine position in landscape view in a selectable scale. The integrated DRP recording processor allows monitoring the work result at all times.

New surfaces

The materials used in the tamping machines put on show are of outstanding quality. However, the HTW 100 E³ hybrid motor tower car even tops this. The machine has been fitted with an optional lining: robust HPL high pressure laminates with melamine coating, instead of powder coated perforated sheet panelling. This lining optimises thermal insulation and reduces thermal bridges.