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Maximum safety for maintenance works

In July 2017, a new French high-speed line, the LGV Bretagne – Pays de la Loire (LGV BPL), went into service (see also page 38). For the daily operation and regular maintenance of the line, two new Plasser & Theurer vehicles are used: the OBW 100 track motor vehicle for maintaining the track infrastructure, and the MTW 100 motor tower car for works on the overhead line system.

In early 2017, the two four-axle machines were supplied to OPERE (a subsidiary of EIFFAGE Rail), responsible for maintaining and regular monitoring of the LGV BPL. 

Two new vehicles for safe maintenance

Both vehicles offer a safe working environment for the maintenance crew. All vehicle features are fully integrated into the vehicle control system. This ensures utmost safety during operation. As the control system knows the position of all work units, hazardous situations can be detected and prevented.

Moreover, the unique, highly sophisticated mechanical extension limitations of all work units ensure full protection. In addition to electronic monitoring, they prevent infringements of the clearance gauge. This is how we meet all national requirements in France. 

Both vehicles are fitted with driver’s desks in the new cabin design. The spacious and comfortable cabins house kitchens and sanitary facilities for the operating crew. There is no need for the operating crew to leave the machine even during long operations. Modern LED lighting and an integrated earthed pantograph with safe work logic round off the vehicles’ equipment. The loading platform is fitted with a retractable railing, which can be equipped with protective grids to protect the operators from flying ballast when there is traffic on the adjacent track (passing speeds of up to 160 km/h).

Top equipment with crane unit and elevating platforms

Both the OBW and the MTW are fitted with our well-proven crane units that can also be equipped with a work basket. Using the crane work basket, two fitters can work on the top of the masts without support and without the need to lock the work units when travelling to the next mast.

Thanks to the extensive equipment, the heavy-duty MTW motor tower car in standard railway vehicle design has a versatile field of application. The fully hydraulic column lifting platform consists of three independent work platforms, enabling simultaneous work in different areas and at different heights, also using the installed crane and work basket. In addition, the motor tower car is equipped with a contact wire and carrying cable holding device and a contact wire measuring unit. 

The OBW track motor vehicle is fitted with special equipment for various lifting and transporting tasks. Specially designed loading troughs, which can be moved by the crane, can be lowered into the vehicle floor. The crane can be fitted with a clamshell bucket for cleaning drainage ditches or with a rail clamp for handling rail sections. The clamshell bucket can also be operated under live catenary. The machine is equipped with special supports for transporting the rail sections.

In addition to the two track motor vehicles, a ZCA 2000 LGV multi-purpose tamping machine and a VGS 04 dynamic track stabilizer of FRAMAFER, Plasser & Theurer’s French partner company, were put into operation on the line. This machine combination has proven its efficiency on many French high-speed lines. It produces optimum, durable and cost-efficient results in spot fault repair. Immediately after tamping with the ZCA 2000 and the subsequent operation of the dynamic track stabilizer, the line can be reopened for the TGV.