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Our time-tested technology in flash-butt welding enters a new era. The Plasser FlashWelder platform leads the way. The new welding head is more compact and lighter, its handling is easier, and the overall performance has been improved.

The crucial characteristics for the performance of our welding machines is the high quality of the welds, their robust design, and flexibility. Plasser & Theurer’s welding technology is very popular among users and has proven itself on numerous occasions. In 2011, the latest generation APT 1500 R was introduced. Since then, more than 20 welding machines have been equipped with this technology. Swietelsky AG purchased the first on-track machine of this series. Almost 20,000 welds have been performed to this day, many of them as closure welds.

We have continuously developed our technologies in the field of welding quality, which have proven their efficiency during many operations. Examples include trimming in line with applicable standards, integrated lifting, or even integrating closure welding.

All welding head components have been analysed and potential for optimising the product has been identified. We've received additional input from our customers and from the requirements of various operating conditions worldwide. The new Plasser FlashWelder represents yet another milestone for our welding technology: improved performance, easier handling, and compact design.

Optimised design: more compact and lighter than ever before

The new welding head is significantly more compact and also far lighter compared to its predecessor. The smaller dimensions provide more flexibility during operation. Thanks to the smaller size and reduced components we were able to reduce the welding head’s mass by more than one third to less than 3,500 kg. This optimised design has an enormous impact on the overall handling.

It is possible to position the welding head quicker without exceeding clearance gauges. Even rails pre-positioned at the sleeper ends can be welded when the adjacent track is in service. Thanks to the compact design, this extends to rails pre-positioned within the track. The reduced mass is a huge advantage for transport by rail and road. The requirements for the manipulator’s lifting capacity were also reduced, which allows for a smaller and simpler design of the manipulator. Machines that are equipped with the new Plasser FlashWelder have lower axle loads as a result of this optimisation.

Operation and alignment of the rails made easy

Synchronously tensioning (clamping) both rail ends to be welded has several advantages compared to the asynchronous method that was used so far. On the one hand, the clamping jaw’s design becomes lighter and more compact. On the other hand, the rail’s lateral stability improves.

The limit stops for rail alignment which can be adjusted using spindle wheels are a new feature. This has several advantages: improved working speed, easier handling, and easy adjustment to rail-cross sections. Stops and slight inclination will be adjusted once at the beginning of work. With these settings it is possible to perform all welding operations for this rail type.

Simplifying the design in this area contributes considerably to the ease of servicing of the welding head.

Configuration according to application

Internationally, the range of application for welding machines varies greatly. Our modular concept is the answer to regional differences. The configuration options are certainly no less versatile than the scenarios: welding of pre-positioned rails during track laying and renewal, closure welding for a continuously welded track, selective replacement of worn rails, or stationary welding of rails in the depot.

Sustainable energy supply: welding current from batteries or hybrid power

We offer to equip our machines with battery technology for countries or fields of activities with strict exhaust emission standards. This enables welding operations with battery power only or with hybrid power (battery plus a small generator set). The reduced rated output of the generator set makes it possible to lower emissions (e.g. CO₂ emissions) of the machine significantly.

The following application scenarios are possible:

  • Welding with an all-electric drive (e.g. for work in tunnels)
  • Hybrid-driven welding (e.g. in lorry design)
  • Supply with welding current independently of the combustion engine of the carrier vehicle
  • Generator set runs continuously and charges the battery between welding operations; in this case it serves to cover power peaks

The perfect vehicle for the welding head

In addition to the Plasser FlashWelder welding head, we also offer suitable carrier vehicles for all application scenarios. They contain the components for welding current supply and are essential for safe transport to the worksite. In addition, flexibility is also a reason for many customers to opt for the lorry design. Speed and self-propelled transfer on the track make the on-track vehicle design an obvious choice. Simpler container solutions are the method of choice in case of a limited budget because they can be installed on practically every flat-bed trailer.

The new Plasser FlashWelder

  • Design >> more compact, lighter, and simplified handling
  • Modular design >> fully customisable with different options
  • Reduced sensor system >> easier to service for greater availability
  • Synchronous tensioning and adjustable limit stops >> easier handling

Added value for application

  • Weld pre-positioned rails outside the track within the working mode gauge >> the adjacent track can remain in service
  • Weld two pre-positioned rails in the middle of the track >> flexibility
  • Weld of new and worn rails >> flexibility
  • Closure welding is optional >> flexibility
  • Readjustment of rail head stops/lateral limit stops >> change of running edge is possible under load

Your benefit for the complete package with vehicle

  • Optimised weight of the welding unit >> reduced manipulator size
  • Deposit rails crosswise in a 90 degree position is possible >> better view from the cab
  • Reduced of axle loads >> more flexibility during transport

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