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The future of tamping


The latest experiences with electrically powered tamping units prove that the future of tamping is electrifying. The economic and environmental benefits of electrification speak for themselves. Plasser & Theurer now offers the eco-retrofit kit, an upgrade from hydraulic work units to electric work units. This way, existing machines can benefit from its advantages.

Advantages of the electrically powered tamping unit

  • Less fuel consumption thanks to reduced rotational speed of the drive engine during working mode and reduced power consumption while increasing total efficiency
  • Higher efficiency thanks to improved response time of the electric motors
  • Lower noise emissions thanks to lower idling speed
  • Reduced wear thanks to higher rotational speed during penetration
  • Heat development reduction of the entire system thanks to reduced hydraulics
  • New opportunity for powering other components electrically (e.g. AC unit, heating system, ventilation unit, and measuring systems such as the Levelling and Alignment Laser/Curve Alignment Laser)

Tamping remains reliable

Upgrading to electric tamping only changes the vibration shaft’s drive type. The reliable non-synchronous constant pressure tamping principle at 35 Hz by Plasser & Theurer has proven its efficiency a thousand times over and is an integral part of our tamping units.

Get your upgrade now

We offer the eco-retrofit kit to upgrade to electric tamping units so that you can benefit from electrically powered tamping units on your existing machines.

Get in touch with us now: We are happy to provide you with information on whether your machine is suited to the eco-retrofit.

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