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A forum for everyone working in track maintenance

P&T RAILCLUB has created a global network of 1,000 rail workers

Whether in Switzerland, Scandinavia, Africa, or Southeast Asia: rail workers love their jobs and are proud of their achievements in their everyday work. P&T RAILCLUB offers a platform for those who are passionate about track maintenance and has created a growing global network. Thanks to the recently implemented forum, members of the international community now have a place to engage and interact with one another.

P&T RAILCLUB is the community for everyone working in track maintenance. Its members have been benefitting from the exclusive website since 2017. Now available in five languages, P&T RAILCLUB offers fascinating first-hand accounts from machine operators, info on the basic principles of track maintenance, detailed explanations of Plasser & Theurer technologies and systems as well as comprehensive information. It is always presented in an entertaining way with several large-scale pictures and fascinating videos. And of course, there is always something to make you smile.

Stay connected - stay up to date

When the P&T RAILCLUB was founded, it was dedicated to providing rail workers, users of Plasser & Theurer machines, and people interested in the topic with an exclusive platform that offers information, reports, and events to strengthen the community and to share knowledge. The concept proved successful and is now being developed further. An interesting expansion will take the platform to a new level this year, which coincides with the community reaching the 1,000-member mark.

Exchange ideas directly in the new forum

Plasser & Theurer has taken the next logical step, providing the community with a forum in every sense of the word. It allows international rail workers to exchange ideas and engage in dialogue: the first platform for the rail worker community.

Members can share tips and tricks, experiences, and news from the world of track maintenance with each other and with Plasser & Theurer moderators. Other exciting new features are in the making and will continue to surprise you in the future.

There is a lot to see and learn. Plasser & Theurer is looking forward to inspiring discussions.

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