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A speed-up for spare and wear parts

The European Distribution Center in Linz will start test operation in July 2022. This is the beginning of a new era for Plasser & Theurer spare and wear parts provision. The goal is to have all frequently ordered parts in stock and to enhance customer satisfaction by reducing delivery times.

Over the past two years, Plasser & Theurer’s Customer Services division has developed very dynamically. Despite the pandemic, the entire organisation was reorganised and restructured. The focus is always on meeting customer and market requirements in a professional and sustainable manner. In this context, life cycle enhancement and used machines can serve as examples.

Now, another stand-out project is reaching its final stage. In July 2022, the European Distribution Center (EDiC) will start test operation. This will pave the way for new quality standards in the provision of original spare and wear parts.

A pillar of the new Customer Services strategy

Improving our supply chain for original spare and wear parts is key to reducing delivery times and optimising parts costs. The structures at the main factory in Linz have developed over time, which resulted in the operation of multiple warehouses. This has made it difficult to achieve essential progress in this respect. This makes EDiC a game changer.

Since December 2021, a building complex is being rented in Linz. It is only 8 km from our main factory. The infrastructure available there makes it possible to set up everything needed for a main warehouse: a spacious storage area, rooms for administration and common areas as well as loading zones.

Test operation starts in July 2022

Infrastructure adaptation started at the beginning of 2022. In late February, we started assembling the shelves. The first goods were stored there in mid-April. Currently, the project is going exactly to plan. Test operation starts in July 2022.

Full operation starts in early 2023

Following the test phase, full operation is scheduled to start at the beginning of 2023. The time needed to ship the more than 10,000 parts in stock will be a fraction of what it previously was. Another goal is to transform the deliveries currently made to European partner companies into direct deliveries to their end customers. This again makes it possible to bring end customers a time advantage.