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This book shows how the use of Building Information Modelling methods (BIM) can improve the planning, costing, and calculation processes of track construction measures.

“BIM Applications for Track Maintenance” has been published in the short, concise, and practical “ABSTRACT” book series. It offers you

  • an introduction to the basics of BIM,
  • a representation of the application of BIM methods for infrastructure,
  • first approaches of BIM in track construction,
  • the diverse potential of BIM in track maintenance.

One way to improve the planning, costing, and calculation process of track construction measures is to apply Building Information Modelling (BIM) methods. This includes a combination of collaborative work and communication methods with a digital (data) model that is consistent throughout all life cycle phases of an infrastructure. The application of BIM methods promises more transparency, higher planning accuracy as well as improved cost certainty and adherence to schedules.

The reference book includes a downloadable e-book in PDF format and is available in German and English.

BIM Applications for Track Maintenance

1st edition 2018Author: Christoph Schütze56 pages, softcover, e-book included€29.00 (includes German VAT, shipping and handling not included)

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