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Multifunctional vehicles for infrastructure maintenance ​

​Ancillary work on railway infrastructure requires powerful, flexible machines. Since the autumn of 2020, Bulgaria’s NRIC has two new OBW 100 track motor vehicles. Their extensive equipment allows them to carry out a variety of tasks. ​

The state-owned NRIC (National Railway Infrastructure Company) is responsible for the operation as well as the construction and maintenance of railway infrastructure in Bulgaria. The two new OBW 100 have been added to the NRIC’s machine fleet.

They will be used for ancillary work such as fast transportation of crew and material to the worksite, repairing minor damage to fittings on overhead line masts, cutting back overgrown vegetation, and removing snow from the track. The vehicles are able to manage rail service disruptions in a quick, easy, and cost-effective way.

Modular track motor vehicles for all types of operations

The modular design facilitates the stocking of spare parts and maintenance, and it contributes to a cost-efficient operation of the machines. Both vehicles meet the stringent requirements of the EU’s 4th railway package on railway safety and interoperability. By fulfilling the homologation requirements of this package, the on-track machines (OTM) are ready to operate in EU Member states.

The OBW 100 is a track maintenance vehicle that offers a wide range of applications. As a powerful traction vehicle equipped with a spacious cab and loading area, it is suitable for transporting crew and material to the worksite or for universal crane operations. The OBW 100 is also a high-performance crane vehicle with a rotating crane cab that also houses a second driver's desk. On top of being able to load and unload, the vehicle contains diverse optional equipment, depending on its intended use: forestry mulcher, sleeper gripper (e.g. universal gripper), clam-shell grab, rail clamp, or hooks. Both vehicles are equipped with bogies and have a high tractive force. One snow blower was supplied for operation during winter: it can be used on one of the track motor vehicles to clear away snow.

Interconnected machine data

Both machines are equipped with our PlasserDatamatic telemetry system for remote monitoring. Using a tablet, PC, or smartphone, you can access the most important status information and working parameters at any time, no matter where you are.

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