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Engine upgrades reduce emissions and save costs ​

​Since 2020, new machine engines must meet the latest EURO 5 emission standard; it is mandatory in all EU countries. The specified emission limits do not apply to older machines. However, they can also benefit from the impressive advances in engine technology. We are happy to advise you on available options for your machines and also carry out the complete engine upgrade. ​

The course is set for climate protection. It is also a fact that a wealth of sustainable technologies is available today. Plasser & Theurer has been pursuing this course for several years with conviction and enthusiasm. Our E³ machine programme and the modern diesel engines we install in new machines strongly emphasise this.

Now it’s time to take the next step. Not only those operating new machines can benefit from the newest engine technology. A machine that has been in operation for 20 years can be fitted with it, too. Such an upgrade reduces the machine’s environmental impact significantly and increases its efficiency. In some cases, it is the perfect alternative to buying a new machine.

New engines provide a wide range of benefits

For operating companies wishing to take a stand on climate protection, now is the perfect time to act. Today, almost all engine manufacturers offer models that meet the current emission limits. In addition, technologies such as NOx catalytic converters, particulate filters, and AdBlue take all emission values to a sustainable level.

Nevertheless, cost-conscious operators should also consider an engine upgrade. The advantages include lower fuel consumption, fewer downtimes, new diagnostics systems, reliable provision of spare parts, improved safety technology, and reduced costs for maintenance and operation: the facts and numbers are convincing. The arguments for upgrading entire fleets are even more compelling. In this case, you benefit from an additional advantage: upgrades standardise your fleet, which increases efficiency.

Plasser & Theurer stands for expert advice and implementation

As a first step, we offer you a consultation to determine which of your machines would be suitable for an engine upgrade. As the manufacturer, we have the know-how to identify your best options and to estimate the effort the modifications would require. Our expertise is your advantage: we advise and implement the required emission-reducing technologies. Together, we make sure you choose the combination that fits your needs perfectly.
Do you reckon an engine upgrade would pay off? If so, we also take care of the design and all assembly work, of course. With a Plasser & Theurer engine upgrade, you will benefit from entirely new opportunities to make your machines operate more economically and ecologically.

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