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​Debut in Germany

The newly designed 09-3X Tamping Express ​

​Deutsche Gleisbau Union (DGU) is expanding its fleet. It is the first company in Germany to employ the newly designed continuous-action, 3-sleeper high-capacity tamping machine. By adding the machine to its fleet, DGU is reacting to current tender trends. ​

​When it comes to technology, the main goal of Deutsche Gleisbau Union is reliability and precision: in short, quality that meets our customers’ requirements for efficiency. Plasser & Theurer machines have always helped us achieve this goal. And with the new 09-3X, we will continue to achieve it.

Lüder Gerdtz
Managing Director/Technical Director of Deutsche Gleisbau Union​

3-sleeper technology: a competitive factor

All operating companies know that making optimal use of track possessions is crucial. This is why tenders in Germany increasingly and explicitly demand the high output offered by 3X technology. Switching from 2- to 3-sleeper tamping adds value for German railway infrastructure companies. Having added the new 09-3X to its fleet, Deutsche Gleisbau Union is following this regional trend and continues to optimise its equipment.

DGU’s machine fleet consists of six modern tamping machines and six SSP 110 SW ballast regulating machines. In January 2018, the latest addition to the fleet followed: a Unimat 09-4×4/4S. At the end of 2018, DGU continued to modernise its fleet by ordering a 09-3X Tamping Express, the first of its kind in Germany. It replaces the 09-32 CSM from 1996.

The new design makes the machine an eye catcher - but there is more to it: the workspace inside the machine is unlike anything ever seen before. The setup allows the operator to work more ergonomically and more efficiently. In addition, the machine configuration has been optimally tailored to local requirements.

The new Tamping Express 09-3X: a high performer

DGU’s high-capacity machine combines top-quality tamping results with a high working speed. Simultaneous tamping of three sleepers is not only fast - it ensures a high degree of linearity. At working speeds of up to 2.2 km/h, the continuous-action levelling, lifting, lining, and tamping machine demonstrates what it does best. This is especially true of long sections of track. In addition, the tamping unit allows switching to 1-sleeper mode at all times. Thanks to this feature, the machine flexibly and precisely reacts to obstacles and structural requirements.

Tried and tested equipment: individualised for today’s challenges

Moving with the times is what DGU stands for. The machine has been individualised to meet DGU’s specific needs and to meet future challenges thanks to the close collaboration with Plasser & Theurer.

The new machine’s powerful 520 kW engine is installed on the trailer. The resulting axle load of the 09-3X is less than 20 t. Thus, the machine is homologated for transfer travel on C2 lines, allowing DGU to take direct routes when transporting machines to worksites. The new location of the engine also increases comfort for operators: the extra space will be utilised as a crew compartment.

The machine is also well-suited for operations in tunnels. To meet occupational health and safety requirements, tenders call for the use of soot particle filters during operations in tunnels. Plasser & Theurer retrofitted the DGU machine with one of these filters as part of the PlasserModularCustomizing platform programme. This final modification was completed in accordance with the 4th railway package during the homologation period. The machine will enter operation around August 2021.

​DGU: a loyal Plasser & Theurer customer

Since 2007, Deutsche Gleisbau Union has been among Germany’s largest operators of tamping machines. DGU track experts and their fleet offer their services in Germany and in neighbouring countries. The services include tamping work on tracks and turnouts with the standard gauge of 1435 mm, track renewal and relaying, and maintenance work. The Koblenz-based company relies on Plasser & Theurer machines across the board.​