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MÁV FKG modernises its fleet with Plasser & Theurer

On 14 September 2021, three additional machines of the latest generation were handed over to the Hungarian company.

The partnership between MÁV and Plasser & Theurer has lasted for several decades. During the past years, their collaboration has been particularly close. In 2015 and 2016, MÁV purchased eight machines: four MTW 10 catenary renewal and installation machines, a Unimat 08-475/4S universal tamping machine, a 09-3X track tamping machine, a DGS 62 N Dynamic Track Stabiliser, and a USP 2005 ballast distributing and profiling machine. Soon after, starting in 2018, MÁV FKG also manufactured eight MFS 35 material conveyor and hopper units in collaboration with Plasser & Theurer.

These material conveyor and hopper units are now operated together with the RM 85-750 ballast cleaning machine that was handed over on 14 September 2021. Apart from the RM 85-750, MÁV FKG also accepted a Unimat 08-4x4/4S universal tamping machine, and another DGS NG Dynamic Track Stabiliser. MÁV FKG is now well equipped to meet the challenges of the coming years, producing high quality in a cost-efficient way.

Photos: © MÁV Szilvási János