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Keeping Track of Track Geometry provides a deep insight into the planning, execution, and acceptance of tamping work for people from all parts of the railway industry interested in the topic.

The book begins by illustrating the fundamentals of the track, and the interrelationship between track components and their stresses while keeping all descriptions clear and practice-oriented. Based on the fundamental principles of track alignment, it then presents methods for identifying, measuring, and correcting track geometry faults as well as approaches to quality control. The authors also provide a comprehensible, manufacturer-independent explanation of the entire tamping process, including all necessary auxiliary work steps, taking into account the relevant regulation in the DACH countries (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) and the UK.

The reference book includes a downloadable e-book in PDF format and is available in German, English, and Japanese.

Keeping Track of Track Geometry

1st edition 2021

Authors: Fabian Hansmann, Wolfgang Nemetz, Richard Spoors

224 pages, hardcover, e-book included

€59,00 (includes German VAT, shipping and handling not included)