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The 28th International Exhibition for Track Technology (iaf) will take place in Münster in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany from 31 May to 2 June 2022. Of course, Plasser & Theurer will also be presenting at this must-see event.

The preparations for iaf 2022 are already under way

iaf 2022 offers major advantages in times like these. Outdoors: 6,000 m² open area and more than 3,000 m of track at the Münster East train station: a safe environment to experience track technology. Indoors: 15,000 m² area in the Fair and Congress Hall Centre Halle Münsterland: plenty of room for specialist discussions. A one of a kind chance to experience all of the newest machinery, equipment, and construction technologies in one place.

Track to the future

It is our pleasure to use this iaf slogan. We are focusing intensely on the mega trends of our time: climate change, digitalisation, and the increasing shortage of skilled staff. They obviously affect railway operations as well as construction and maintenance tasks. With our know-how, new concepts, and engineering solutions we offer ways to mitigate the resulting challenges.

In times of climate change and growing political and societal pressures, the track industry has to take responsibility. For machine operating companies, energy and resource efficiency are no longer only a question of profitability. Track maintenance solutions that are green and low in emissions are also increasingly becoming a competitive factor.

The digitalisation mega trend opens up enormous opportunities, especially with regard to networking, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. This makes it possible to design more secure, more efficient, and faster work sequences. At the same time, this data becomes the basis for observing the entire life cycle of a track maintenance machine.

Digitalisation also offers numerous possibilities for automation in track maintenance machines, the same way it does for vehicle technology. These technologies cannot replace humans, but they are playing an increasingly essential role. They will provide crucial support during the highly complex work sequences of a track maintenance machine.

For the first time in a long time, iaf provides an opportunity for personal interactions with those in our industry. Despite all the communication technology available, personal contact is irreplaceable. Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to closely inspect innovative machinery and equipment.

Thomas Mainka, President of the Association of German Railway Engineers (VDEI)

Visit us at iaf in Münster

and meet our machines “face to face” on track. In addition, we’ll provide an insight into the future of track maintenance and into our expanding customer services. Our experts are happy to meet with you and provide advice - we are looking forward to lively exchanges! From 31 May 2022 in Münster