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ECM-certified since 2013

Your experienced ECM partner

The EU's new ECM regulation became binding on 16 June 2020. Since then, the servicing of all rail vehicles must comply with ECM standards. Plasser & Theurer has been offering all these services in accordance with the ECM since 2013.

Until 16 June 2020, Commission Regulation (EU) No 445/2011 only applied to freight wagons. It then became mandatory for all rail vehicles. A process that began in 2011 reached a new and decisive stage. All rail vehicle operators must now comply with the regulation. Plasser & Theurer already implemented these requirements voluntarily.

Plasser & Theurer has been ECM-certified since July 2013. We service 73 track maintenance machines and freight wagons used for track maintenance in accordance with ECM requirements. In particular, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on us for that reason: our servicing gives them certainty they are in compliance with the regulation, and they can easily outsource that work. We gained valuable practical experience during the implementation process. This expertise adds to the many strengths that make us stand out as a manufacturer.

ECM servicing guideline for track maintenance vehicles in the making

As a railway partner, we feel that our work goes beyond servicing which complies with ECM standards. Together with renowned experts, we are developing a guideline that includes every step of the servicing process for the entire service life of track maintenance machines. It also offers information on measurement and testing in view of applicable standards. Developing this guideline is complex, as there are many details which require consultations with different authorities. It must also take country-specific rules and regulations into account. It is a task we take very seriously because we are convinced that it will simplify the process of servicing machines in accordance with the ECM standard. This will benefit all track maintenance machine operating companies.