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Plasser & Theurer machine servicing

Machine servicing at a fixed price

How can I ensure or even increase machine availability? How can I reduce life cycle costs? How can I allocate fixed costs flexibly and efficiently? These questions preoccupy track maintenance machine operators more and more. The answer to them is a service contract with Plasser & Theurer, which provides a sustainable solution.

From inspection to complete servicing

1. Full servicing at a fixed price:

All-inclusive servicing

Would you prefer an annual fixed budget for machine servicing so you can focus on your core competences? If so, our all-inclusive service package is the ideal solution for you. This service package focuses on predictive maintenance solutions: we make servicing even more efficient by developing measures on an ongoing basis. Apart from routine monthly and annual servicing, we also perform servicing and repairs if the need arises spontaneously. The fixed price includes spare and wear parts as well as the exchange of all filters, oils, and lubricants as defined in the maintenance manual.

This all-inclusive service package will either cover the entire life cycle of a machine or a time period you have specified. It also includes inspections, which are usually performed every six years. We also service and overhaul the machine's main work units: tamping units, lifting and lining units, excavating chains, screens, and the like.

2. Regular servicing at a fixed price

Basic servicing

This contract ensures greater machine availability, routine calibration of measuring systems, and personal expert advice for your machine operators. It includes the servicing defined in the maintenance manual, which is to be performed semi-annually and annually. In addition to inspecting the work systems, we also regularly calibrate and certify the measuring systems. Basic service contracts also entail inspections based on the VEDO principle and the corresponding audit reports; the reports include a list of the spare parts needed.

Our service technicians spend a day on the machine as part of the contract: this is a valuable opportunity for your operating staff to receive practical tips. Another advantage of the basic service package: Plasser & Theurer service staff are a direct point of contact offering support when you need it. The defined fixed price covers all work performed.

3. An ideal start


An inspection contract is the lean solution for minimising the risk of breakdowns and maximising availability. It includes routine machine inspections by our service technicians. Inspections take place either directly at the worksite or in the workshop. The documentation process follows the standardised VEDO principle. We provide you with an audit report and, if necessary, a list of spare parts needed. Inspection contracts provide all the information you need to exchange parts preventatively. This makes preventive maintenance solutions possible.

4. Assistance whenever you need it

Technical support

Technical support means being able to count on Plasser & Theurer service technicians wherever and whenever you need them. We service your machine on scheduled dates and also if there is an emergency. We immediately perform small repairs to restore operability. You can combine inspections with basic servicing, if you wish. You may also opt to integrate other services: preventive maintenance or routine inspections. The latter follow the VEDO principle and include an audit report with a list of spare parts.

Machine servicing at a fixed price

Greater availability guarantees revenue. Lower life cycle costs increase the machines’ cost-efficiency. Reduced fixed costs optimise operating results. Cost-conscious operators will obviously be open to ideas on how to optimise these factors. As a manufacturer, Plasser & Theurer is obviously the best choice when it comes to finding these ideas.

We have proven to be a reliable service partner to our global partner companies for decades. Spare and Wear Parts, Support and Training, and Field Services make up our Customer Services. This wide range of support services attests to our reliability. Customers from around the world fall back on them more and more. We have now added an unbeatable offer to our service portfolio. Our new service contracts are structured service packages. They offer a new perspective on machine and fleet availability, life cycle costs, and fixed costs.

From inspection to complete servicing

Each service contract reflects our customers’ individual requirements, which is a top priority for us. We offer four service packages with clear-cut offers that help you easily find the type of servicing best suited to your needs.

Don’t hesitate to ask.

Are you looking to increase your machines’ availability and to reduce life cycle costs? Would you prefer a fixed calculable budget over variable costs? Would you like a simple, streamlined approach to handling machine servicing? Contact us! As a machine manufacturer, we know what your machine needs to stay in top condition. We deliver both machines and perfect service packages.

Best practice in Spain

In the early 1990s, our Spanish partner company Plasser Ibérica concluded contracts with ADIF (Administrador de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias), the infrastructure manager of the Spanish Railway, for servicing 12 mechanised maintenance trains, two track stabilisers, and two ballast cleaning machines. For about 15 years, ADIF has been responsible for servicing the fleet of track maintenance machines in the DIC series. Moreover, Plasser Ibérica now services or regularly inspects the machines of nine private companies. Even though the main market for these services is Spain, customers from Israel and Saudi Arabia also profit from this.

Harald Eller, Managing Director of Plasser Ibérica: "When customers use their own staff and infrastructure for servicing, this means they have current fixed costs. We, on the other hand, only charge the hours actually required. The difference in cost translates into savings for customers.”

Best practice in Italy

Our partner company Plasser Italiana has been servicing 13 tamping machines of the RFI (Rete Ferroviaria Italiana) for five years. The scope of services corresponds to that of a complete service contract. Moreover, Plasser Italiana regularly services the machines of private companies.

Klaus Vetter, Managing Director of Plasser Italiana: “Service contracts lead to closer collaboration with customers, which brings great advantages. We were able to review the servicing plan with an RFI working group after five years. We updated it to optimise machine availability and reliability. All changes to the servicing plan were subject to a risk assessment and authorised by the approval authorities. Here are the most important changes: oil changes only once a year instead of every 1,000 hours. Filters exchanges every twelve months instead of every six months. More frequent tamping unit inspections and partial revision already after three years.”

Best practice in France

Together with SNCF (Société nationale des chemins de fer français), our French partner company Framafer currently holds service contracts for 33 machines of various types. Servicing comprises two stages: the customer performs daily routine servicing. A Framafer technician visits twice a year and accompanies the machine for one week. They perform filter and safety servicing, for example, an oil change. For the first time after five years, technicians service the entire machine; this includes the work units, the brake system, the engine, and the recording car. They do this again when the contract ends.

Framafer guarantees SCNF a machine availability of 92 %. This means machine servicing or breakdowns must not cause a machine's guaranteed operational capability to fall below this value within the specified time frame.

Emmanuel Haas, Service Manager for Overhauls and Servicing at Framafer: “An important requirement for service contracts is a well-trained crew. Therefore, we offer training courses tailored to the individual service contracts.”