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Partner company Framafer

Factory upgrade in France

Framafer, our French partner company, has always been keeping pace with local demands. The company added a training centre and a workshop for machine adjustments to its factory premises a while ago. In 2019, a modern paint shop followed.

Framafer has always offered solutions tailored to regional needs: in addition to servicing, revisions, overhauls, development, and manufacturing machines tailored to the French market, service is our top priority.

G. Lintz
Director General of Framafer, with the company since 1977

Today, Framafer’s factory enables our French partner to fulfil almost any need its customers may have. This requires expertise and equipment. Based in Béning-lès-Saint-Avold, FRAMAFER has both. The factory upgrade adds to the company’s market position, asserting its cutting-edge status.

Factory upgrade and renewal

Framafer’s new workshop for machine adjustments is spacious, sound-insulated, and fitted with neutral track. It enables precise, swift adjustments of measuring systems before the customer receives the machine. I beams underneath the track prevent damage to the tamping tines and make it possible to adjust the tamping depth in the workshop.

The modern paint shop is large enough for painting an entire machine. The cutting-edge filtration system is a highlight. It is sound-insulated and removes fumes from the air. The system then exhausts the filtered air to the outside.

Plasser standard meets local expertise

Framafer’s upgraded factory complies with all standards. The company holds various certificates, such as the certificate for welding of railway vehicles and components in accordance with the EN 15085-2:2007 standard or an SNCF certificate for the overhaul and repair of bogies. In addition, our French partner company is in the process of becoming a certified ECM.

The state-of-the-art factory adds to Framafer’s special position in France and the Maghreb region, which is the result of decades of expertise and service. The close collaboration with French National Railways (SNCF – Société nationale des chemins de fer français) testifies to the company’s local expertise.

Service contracts for SNCF machines

Framafer is responsible for servicing 33 SNCF machines. The respective contracts cover a ten-year service period and stipulate a machine availability of 92 % (see Machine servicing at a fixed price).

About Framafer

The history of Framafer begins with the foundation of Mecanoplass in 1960. As the French representative of Plasser & Theurer, the company initially focused on servicing and selling Plasser machines in the francophone countries of Europe and Africa. In 1978, Mecanoplass became one of Plasser & Theurer's partner companies and changed its name to Framafer (Société Française de Construction de Matériel Ferroviaire). At that time, SNCF was looking for customised solutions for local demands: a specialised French company that meets the needs of the regional market and the TGV high-speed lines, which were built around that time.

Framafer met the demand and started producing individual technologies. The EMV multi-purpose machine is one them. It is designed for maintenance work on short track sections.