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"Best Practice in Track Maintenance: Infrastructure Management" looks at aspects of infrastructure management with particular reference to the single European railway area.

Based on best-practice examples from Central Europe, measures for the targeted retrofitting and improvement of the infrastructure maintenance of the existing network are presented. In many places, infrastructure operators are faced with a generational change, which accelerates the process. Modern information and communication technology can simplify the comprehension and presentation of complex contexts. Modified approaches to asset management and life-cycle management enable implementation of the "transparent permanent way" or the "railway 4.0".

The included pdf e-book allows users to search and access all terms and references electronically using their PC, Tablet or Smartphone

Best Practice in Track Maintenance – Infrastructure Management

1st edition 2018, Author: Florian Auer, 264 pages, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-96245-155-4, Print with E-Book inside EUR 49,- incl. VAT, plus shipping

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