today 135


Dear readers

You will see from this issue of today that our new machine design has rapidly captured the world’s railway tracks. This is not purely for visual reasons but much more because of functional and ergonomic reasons. Our machines should offer you, our customers, perfect workspaces that can also motivate newcomers to work in track construction.

I am pleased to introduce our new CSO in this issue who is responsible for overall sales and customer support. Thomas Schöpf has already implemented initial measures to provide you with new and improved offers in line with his motto “The customer is at the centre”.

Our website has also been enhanced: The new section "P&T Research" allows you to engage in developments, ideas and products of the future.

Finally, I would like to share a very emotional moment with you. On 21st May 2019, I, as a private founder, had the honour of opening the new PMC Rail International Academy at Leverkusen. From the beginning I have been enthusiastic, both about the idea of product-independent training and about the employees’ inspiration. In future, we will need the best minds for the best transport system, the railway. Therefore, I invite you to get to know and make use of the services offered by PMC.

Enjoy reading about what is happening at Plasser all over the world.

Yours sincerely

Johannes Max-Theurer

Chief Executive Officer, Plasser & Theurer