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The perfect machine for India's metros

In December 2018, we handed over a Plasser 08-16 B SH/ZW universal tamping machine to Maha Metro Nagpur. The Plasser 08-16 B SH/ZW is the third machine of this type used on Indian metro lines. Additional machines are envisaged for the expansion of the metro network. Plasser India, Plasser & Theurer’s local partner company, participates in this positive development.

Nagpur, in the heart of India, is one of the country’s booming cities with millions of inhabitants and is investing massively into the expansion of public transport. In 2015, it was decided to build a metro system with two lines. In March 2019, the Maha Metro Nagpur started operation.

State-of-the-art technology on a compact scale

As early as 18th December 2018, the Maha Metro took delivery of a Plasser 08-16 B SH/ZW from Plasser India. It is used on the track system of both metro depots, for which it is ideally equipped. The machine has four single-sleeper tamping unit segments with a total of 16 tamping tines. The work units can be tilted laterally in pairs and can also be lowered independently of each other. Therefore, track as well as turnouts can be maintained.

With regard to the measurement system, the Plasser 08-16 B SH/ZW is equipped with the same components as our high-performance tamping machines. These are a CMS (Computer Measuring System) and a CWS (Computer Work System) as well as the robust and easy to service structure, the large measuring wheels and the proven steel chords as reference basis. The latest generation SmartALC automatic guiding computer is used to control the machine during work. As Maha Metro’s depots are not connected by tracks, the new machine is in road-rail design.

Produced in India for India

Major components, such as the tamping unit and the drive train of the machine, come from Linz. All other components are produced and the machine assembled at Plasser India in Faridabad near Delhi. Two machines of the same type were delivered to the metros in Delhi and Bangalore over the last few years, and they are highly valued by our customers. In the coming years, further deliveries are expected as several large cities in India, like Nagpur, are planning or have already started the construction of metro systems.

Growing together with the Indian railways

The Indian railway system, too, is working on a huge expansion programme through to 2025. The requirement for maintenance machines alone is approximately 2,000 units. To meet the great demand, Plasser India is building an additional production plant close to Karjan in the state of Gujarat. The factory, which meets the latest European standards, is equipped with the latest production technology and will be fully operational in September 2019. Up to now, Plasser India has built 35 machines per year, but the new factory will increase the capacity to about 100 machines per year. The Faridabad works will continue to operate. It is to be used to a greater extent as a service and maintenance centre.