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A second spring with VEDO

The new service package for your machine overhaul

By the time the first major overhaul of a machine is due, every operating company will need to decide how a machine can be brought back to perfect condition as economically as possible. Our answer to this is VEDO, the new service package that contains all required spare parts and service offerings.

VEDO starts off with a machine audit carried out by a service engineer. In the second stage, the current condition of the machine is documented comprehensively in an audit report. Based on that, we put together a quotation listing the measures and spare parts recommended for an efficient overhaul and upgrade. In addition, we will be available to provide support of any kind for carrying out the work.

New overhaul standard with global validity

VEDO is a service package we are offering in cooperation with our global partner companies. The machine audits, audit reports and VEDO quotations are prepared using standardised protocols. All processes and services meet Plasser & Theurer’s strict quality criteria.

Your benefit

  • Increased availability
  • Establishing full functionality
  • Machine audit making use of the manufacturer’s know-how
  • Reliable and comprehensive audit report
  • VEDO quotation for all required spare parts and measures
  • Adhering to quality criteria of the world market leader

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