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Virtually at your side

The use of Virtual Reality technologies offers particularly promising opportunities for maintaining and servicing track maintenance machines. It will enable service staff to be virtually even closer to our customers in the future.

Based on the latest technology, PMC Rail International Academy and Deutsche Plasser have developed a Virtual Reality tool (VR tool) of the Unimat 09-4x4/4S that is accurate in every detail. A detailed, digital interior and exterior view of the track maintenance machine is the basis for a realistic 3D machine model. The VR tool makes it possible to move freely within and around the machine and to choose the viewpoint.

Visual identification

Using Virtual Reality glasses, our service team can inspect the machine at the customer’s side, seeing with their own eyes what the customer is seeing on the machine. Using a controller, operations can be carried out, e.g. opening the maintenance flap. By doing so, it will become easier to put oneself in the customer’s situation and to find a solution to a problem.

More machines, more functions

Currently, the VR tool is in the development phase and is being tested thoroughly. The new tool will probably be put into operation next year. Philipp Verheyen, responsible project manager, “We will develop the tool further. In the future, there will be more machines and more functions. We aim to support our customers in the best possible way – regardless of the machine they use.”

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