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Fast intervention on the overhead line

The Czech railway SŽDC adds three motor tower cars to its machine fleet. The new intervention vehicles for speedy “first aid” operations and regular assembly works on the overhead line system will be used in all regions of the Czech Republic.

Standardisation for cost-efficient operation

In this investment programme, a particular focus was placed on the standardisation of the multipurpose vehicles. The use of standardised components is a great advantage. It reduces the costs for training, maintenance and spare parts stocking.

Our excellent manufacturing quality and the high number of reference vehicles, which prove our know-how in the manufacture of standardised machines, were decisive factors for the acquisition of these motor tower cars. Additional vehicles based on these standards will follow. For the development and manufacture, we collaborated closely with all departments involved at SŽDC, given that these machines were the first machines to be supplied directly to the Czech railway. The first of the three motor tower cars was supplied in April 2017. As reported by the newspaper MOJE ZELEZNICE, it was put into service on 12 April 2017


First handover

The first official handover to high-level representatives of SŽDC took place on the occasion of the “Czech Railway Days”, the most important trade fair in the Czech railway construction industry. It was held on 13 June 2017. Pavel Surý, Director General of SŽDC, and Jiří Svoboda, Deputy DG for Rail Operability, were pleased to receive the commemorative plaque. The two other vehicles from this series were supplied in the autumn of 2017.

Installing and maintaining the OHL – safer and more efficiently

The MTW 100.013/7 motor tower cars are four-axle diesel-hydraulic, self-propelled auxiliary vehicles, designed for 1,435 mm track gauge. The new machines offer an enclosed working environment including the required equipment for works on the overhead line, such as a freely moving elevating work platform and a heavy-duty railway loading crane. 

Thanks to a new, patented access system, the platform cage is loaded and accessed directly from the cabin. A hydraulically folding loading platform connects the crane with the cabin. This saves time and simplifies material handling. The workshop room is ideally adapted to the working stages of the machine crew. The train control system and the driver’s safety device have been specially adapted to the requirements of the Czech railway.


  • Speed – 120 km/h under own power
    Stronger drive unit for speedy repair of disruptions. The machine also reaches 120 km/h when it is towed in train consist.
  • Universal application
    Thanks to their versatile equipment, the motor tower cars are perfectly prepared for all tasks in the maintenance and repair of overhead lines.
  • Stability
    The P-IC Plasser Intelligent Control ensures the stability of the entire machine at all times, including its flexible equipment and large radius of action.