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General overhaul of the tamping unit at a fixed price

Count on fixed prices. Benefit from 12 or 24 months of warranty. Enjoy the support of our service technicians. Plasser & Theurer and its partner firms now offer the general overhaul of tamping units as a full package.

4 years of reliability under the programme of column B4*

- General overhaul at a fixed price

- 12 months or 250,000 tamping cycles covered by warranty

- 2 to 3 inspections by our service technicians during the first year

- Yearly inspection of the tamping unit carried out by our service technicians in the following three years. In these inspections all components relevant to the tamping process will be checked and repairs will be recommended

8 years of reliability under the programme of column B8*

- Two general overhauls at a fixed price

- 24 months or 500,000 tamping cycles covered by warranty

- At least ten inspections of the tamping unit by our service technicians within 8 years. In these inspections all components affecting the unit directly or indirectly will be checked and repairs will be recommended

Your benefits

  • High availability at a fixed price
  • Highest quality standards
  • Service booklet/PlasserMachineMaintenanceGuide
  • Exclusive use of original spare parts
  • Automatic upgrade to state-of-the-art technology
  • Functional tests of all machine components relevant to the tamping unit
  • Personal and regular support by our service technicians

*This offer is currently only available in Europe.


New app for easier and more efficient tamping unit maintenance 

Daily, monthly or yearly inspection: In future, all measures can be carried out and documented using our new maintenance app. 

Simplicity and safety benefit the service staff

Following the daily inspection by the machine staff, a simple confirmation in the app suffices. For all further inspections, check lists with clear work instructions appear. They can be worked through item by item. If a problem is identified, it can be commented on using texts and photos, enabling the full documentation of machine maintenance. The machine and maintenance staff can access the app using mobile devices at any time. 

Efficient and clear fleet management

The maintenance app allows fleet management to check the status of all machines independently of the machine and maintenance staff. If problems occur, communication can be based on data and facts. An alarm function informs about upcoming inspections, facilitating maintenance planning. 

The bottom line: the new app enables tamping units to be maintained easier, more efficiently and in a clearly organised manner. When using the app, operators can expect increases in the machine’s availability.