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PBR 500 for narrow gauge in Malaysia

Well-proven ballast profiling machines

In June 2016, a contract was signed with our agent TWA Malaysia for the supply of 33 new machines to KTMB, Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad, the railway company of Malayan states. The contract includes ten PBR 500 narrow-gauge ballast profiling machines.

The PBR 500 is a well-proven ballast profiling machine. For the operation in Malaysia, it was built for 1,000 mm track gauge for the first time. The machine has been fitted with a laterally displaceable front plough for profiling the ballast crown. In addition, is has been equipped with a hydraulically adjustable shoulder plough in three-part design, a sweeper unit with conveyor belt and rotating rail fastening brushes. Both axles are powered hydrostatically.

Operation in train formation

Malaysia has subtropical climate with high temperatures and frequent, intense precipitation throughout the year. For the work under tropical conditions, the PBR 500 ballast profiling machines of KTMB have been fitted with special equipment and a special roof covering the entire machine from the cabin to the rear frame end. Another special feature for machines of this size is the straight, one-piece frame with spring-mounted central buffer couplings at both ends. They make it possible to operate the PBR 500 in train formation, allowing transfer travel at speeds of up to 80 km/h. This is the speed the vehicles can reach under own power.

Modernising and adding machines to the Malayan maintenance fleet

Plasser & Theurer has supplied machines to KTMB since 1979. Signed in 2016, the large-scale order of 33 machines modernises and adds machines for particular works to KTMB’s maintenance fleet. All machines will have been supplied by 2018. The first PBR 500 from the series for Malaysia will be on show at iaf.   

Plasser & Theurer has supplied machines to KTMB since 1979.