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Machine upgrades

Upgrade and benefit from bundle offer

More and more customers use the opportunity to upgrade machines that have been in operation for many years, increasing their efficiency. On the occasion of iaf, we will further expand the upgrade offer.

Win-ALC NG and DRP data recording processor on offer as a bundle

Exchanging two components at a time already saves valuable time and costs. Yet, if you upgrade to the Win-ALC NG automatic guiding computer and the DRP digital measurement recording system at the same time, you can save even more. We are now offering both devices as a bundle. 

DRP recorder as exchange package  

The Win-ALC NG has been on offer since the introduction of our machine upgrade package. Now, the DRP digital recorder can also be exchanged. We exchange your analogue DAR recorder with the new DRP recorder. The offer includes commissioning, calibration and functional testing carried out by our service technician – at a fixed price.    

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