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News From Around The World: Egypt

08-8 UM for Cairo Metro

Cairo Metro continues to set store by Plasser & Theurer tamping machines. In July 2016, the new 08-8 UM universal tamping machine arrived in Alexandria

Sixteen million people live in the metropolitan region of Cairo. To manage the resulting traffic volume, the capital of Egypt has the only fully developed metro system in Africa. Three 1,435 mm standard gauge lines are in operation. The first of them opened in 1987. Now, this system will be expanded considerably.

New machines in operation on all lines. The new 08-8 UM is the second Plasser & Theurer tamping machine for Cairo. The four-axled machine is used for tamping works on plain tracks and in turnouts on all three lines. Its tamping units are fitted with eight tilting tamping tines. In addition, the machine’s equipment comprises one lifting and lining unit with lifting hooks, the well-proven levelling and lining measuring system and the WIN-ALC automatic guiding computer. 

Two metro lines in Cairo are fitted with a third rail for power supply. For this purpose, the 08-8 UM was specially adapted. This challenge was easily met by our design engineers. Similar to all machines we supply to this region of the world, the new 08-8 UM is equipped for desert and tropical climate.